Production Team

Black Eye Entertainment is a privately financed full-service production company specializing in independent film development, production and ROI (Return on Investment) product sales. Centered in the heart of Central Illinois, Black Eye Entertainment is dedicated to the creation and completion of high quality video and multimedia related products in a variety of individual genres. Feature films, independent shorts, documentaries, music videos, website design & practical special effects are just a few samples of the services featured by Black Eye Entertainment.

If you would like to contact Black Eye Entertainment please feel free to send us an email using the information and links provided below. Simply click on the person’s name you are looking to contact.

K.M. Jamison | Company President

K.M. Jamison is an independent script writer, producer and director originally from Dallas, Texas. Jamison began his leap towards the world of independent film in 2007 after moving to Illinois to continue an already established career with his family’s aerospace company. Jamison’s studies range from variety of areas specializing in video and television production, film interpretation, a number of scriptwriting workshops, film appreciation, conceptual storytelling and video/film theory which eventually landed him a job as a production assistant on a handful of student projects and independent productions. After taking a year and a half to write his own script intended to be produced into a full feature, Jamison met with another aspiring filmmaker, producer and practical special effects artist named Jim Bett Jr. who had interest in the idea of producing Jamison’s script. Despite lacking the budget to turn the script into a feature film, Jamison and Jim Bett Jr. began work on the project which resulted with Jamison’s 58 minute introduction film titled SERIAL: Amoral Uprising. In June of 2010, Jamison and Bett made the ultimate decision to open a production company of their own titled Black Eye Entertainment, appropriately named after their passion for DIY (do-it-yourself) independent film-making.


Jim Bett Jr. | Vice President, Producer & Practical Special Effects

Jim Bett, Jr. is an independent producer and practical special effects artist from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Jim has been a rabid horror fan as long as he can remember. As a special effects makeup designer, Jim has worked on many independent film projects in the Chicago-Milwaukee markets such as Peek A Boo, Serial: Amoral Uprising and The Spade County Massacre. He has also provided special effects makeup and co-directed music videos for such acts as 2-West and R.A. the Rugged Man. Jim can be found regularly at the largest horror conventions around the country as he is personal friends with many of today’s horror celebrities. When working as a producer for Into the Pit: The Shocking Story of, Jim was responsible for filming interviews by a handful of established celebrities such as Tiffany Shepis, Betsy Palmer, Uwe Boll, Lloyd Kaufman, John Landis and Kane Hodder.