Stand alone flash website coming in November 2011

Since things are starting to seriously evolve regarding the various projects we currently have in production, another course of action we decided to take is creating a stand alone flash website for Black… Continue reading

Official INHUMANE Trailer (HD) release on

It’s official folks. As of today we now have the official INHUMANE trailer posted on for your viewing pleasure. Granted, there are still a few adjustments to make concerning the dialogue audio… Continue reading

INHUMANE | Set Photos & Character Images

Today is a very proud day for us here at Black Eye Entertainment, mainly due to this past weekend’s activities regarding the heinous and hectic production of our upcoming short film, INHUMANE. Despite… Continue reading

INHUMANE press release featured on &

I have always been a fan of the expression “any exposure is good exposure” and thanks to Steve Barton of & Brian Shirley of GeekTyrant, we were able to receive some much… Continue reading

INHUMANE Cast Update | Marv Blauvelt

Hailing from Bloomington, Indiana, Marv Blauvelt is an American actor, producer and competitive bodybuilder who landed his first role in Screamkings 2005 production of Beef: You Are What You Eat. Shortly after releasing… Continue reading

INHUMANE Special Effects Artist | Jim Bett Jr.

Jim Bett, Jr. is an independent producer and practical special effects artist from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Jim has been a rabid horror fan as long as he can remember. As a special effects makeup… Continue reading

INHUMANE Cast Update | Heather Dorff

Heather Dorff is an American actress born and raised in Chicago, IL. She moved to Rome, Georgia with her family for nearly 9 years when she realized her passion for acting through high… Continue reading

INHUMANE promotional artwork released

Introducing a brand new conception of true crime horror with unique and overly horrifying inspiration from true events, INHUMANE tells the story of a 37 year old pest control specialist and loner named… Continue reading

SERIAL: Girls Night Out | Teaser Images

Since things have been kind of hectic with the winter weather here in the Midwest (Illinois to be exact), I figured it would be a good chance to get some much needed editing… Continue reading

Production Equipment | DIY Canon HV40 Rig

Recently a few people have been showing a lot of interest regarding the current equipment we will be using for productions in 2011. So due to those requests I decided to post a… Continue reading