Raymond Did It – A feature film by Forced Entry director of photography Travis Legge

Raymond Did It is an independent slasher film in the tradition of John Carpenter’s Halloween and Prom Night.When twelve-year-old Bryce Rourke is accidentally killed in a playground scuffle, his friends decide to blame Bryce’s developmentally delayed older brother for the accident. Raymond is taken to a state hospital while the true killer walks free. Six years later, Raymond escapes from the hospital to seek bloody revenge for his brother’s death. Raymond Did It is written and directed by Travis Legge (Jimmy’s Basement, It’s Complicated). No stranger to the horror genre, Travis Legge has written comic books and roleplaying games, including the critically acclaimed Contagion game setting. Rounding out the production team on Raymond Did It are Visual Supervisor and Camera Operator Tim Stotz and Picture Editor Robert J. Williams





Raymond Did It stars Kyle Hoskins as a developmentally delayed man framed for murder and bent on vengeance. A versatile actor, Kyle has previously played lovelorn slackers, average joes tormented by zombies, and brings a wide range of ability to the role of Raymond. Standing at 6’5″ tall, with a massive, bulky build, Kyle is among one of the largest, most imposing figures to take on the role of a slasher.