Pinhead and friends scheduled to appear in upcoming TV series

Because Hollywood has become a hell of repetition, endlessly repeating the entertainment we’ve seen before over and over and over again, we are now facing an existence in which a Hellraiser TV show is going to exist. Surely, the most necessary movie-to-television transitions, the Hellraiser weekly TV series will be following on the heels of the upcoming Hannibal Lector NBC TV series. Using this as a metric, in the next five years we will see weekly TV series’ dedicated to the lives of Chucky, the guy from Maniac Cop, and maybe the kid in the Santa suit from Silent Night, Deadly Night. Coming Soon notes that executive producer Larry Kupin is teaming up with Sonar Entertainment to bring Hellraiser to the small screen, so that we can all follow along to the weekly misadventures of lovable scamps Pinhead, Butterball, the Female, and Chatterer as they drag various souls into Hell to engage in the occasional oddball piercing practice. 

No story details have been revealed, just that Sonar is partnering with Eric Gardner’s company Panacea Entertainment and that Gardner and Larry Kuppin would executive produce – it was Kuppin’s old movie studio, New World Entertainment, who made the first two Hellraiser films. After the well received early installments, Hellraiser morphed into a series of straight to video sequels from Dimension. There have frequently been discussions about a straight up remake/reboot of the film franchise, but so far that has yet to occur. Pointedly, Clive Barker, who created the series (based on his own novella), is not mentioned as being involved in the TV series.