“Loving Betrayal” – A true example of unorthodox filmmaking at it’s best

This past weekend I had the chance to meet with a number of contacts from the surrounding Chicago area in what was intended to be a photo shoot/blank weapon test. Granted, we did exactly what we planned to do from the start with the tests and photography. But as the minutes went by on what was defined as a dream location in the form of the Clegg family farm, something gradually began to urge filmmakers Willy Adkins and Kelsey Zukowski to make something unique out of our afternoon. Several hours later, thanks to the writing and acting talents of Willy and Kelsey, we had footage for a complete short film ready for the cutting floor. They were even generous enough to allow me to shoot the film on Willy’s Canon T3 and show off my new blank revolver at the expense of everyone’s hearing so for that I truly appreciate what we were able to do with this film.

 A Film Made In under 6 Hours!

When a guy gets a voice mail demanding $50,000 or his girlfriend will be killed, the boyfriend is quick to act! Sadly in this story, the kidnapper is not quite who he thought!


Loving Betrayal | 2012

Starring: Willy Adkins & Kelsey Zukowski

Written by: Willy Adkins

Directed by: Willy Adkins

Edited by: Willy Adkins

Director of Photography: K.M. Jamison

Set Photography: Curtis Clegg


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