Official INHUMANE Trailer (HD) release on

It’s official folks. As of today we now have the official INHUMANE trailer posted on for your viewing pleasure. Granted, there are still a few adjustments to make concerning the dialogue audio with the upcoming Red Band release but as for now we are happy with the current version despite it’s minimal issues. But just as I have been told beforehand, that’s just the price you pay for shooting underground in hopes of capturing the true look and feel of complete desolation and decay. Either way, we are very excited to be able to present to trailer to the open public so people can have a basic idea of what we have in store for them over the coming months. Please feel free to check back for media updates, still images, clip previews and more involving the production and release date of INHUMANE.

INHUMANE is a short film that will portray the discovery of a 37 year old exterminator, loner and social outcast named Corbin Hobbs. Originally sentenced to life in prison for his deliberate role in the mutilation murders of more than seventeen call girls and prostitutes over a time period of ten years, INHUMANE will be a cinematic account from Corbin’s malicious crime spree.

Starring: Marv Blauvelt, Heather Dorff & Kelsey Zukowski

Co-Starring: Jared Degado & Edward Moore

Practical Special Effects: Jim Bett Jr.

Directed By: K.M. Jamison

Written By : K.M. Jamison

Produced By: Jim Bett Jr.

Music Design: Dale Lutz and Jonathon Missall (Pharisees Sound Labs) |