INHUMANE Cast Update | Marv Blauvelt

Hailing from Bloomington, Indiana, Marv Blauvelt is an American actor, producer and competitive bodybuilder who landed his first role in Screamkings 2005 production of Beef: You Are What You Eat. Shortly after releasing the film to the general public and film festivals, “Beef” was able to achieve a cult following from its viewers allowing Marv to be seen on a massive scale. Having found his love for acting and independent film Marv continued to hone his skill as an actor by starring in a variety of independent productions such as Terror Overload, Slices of Life, Psycho Street, Come, Lethal Obsession and The Green Monster. Marv can also be found in the independent film titled Sculpture where he was able to gain a variety of additional credits including co-writer, associate producer and casting director.

Since beginning his acting career in 2005, Marv has had the opportunity to work alongside a handful of established actors and actresses such as Tiffany Shepis, Deneen Melody, and Raine Brown. Acting as the Co-founder of Indiana based production company Muscle Wolf Productions, Marv has plans to partake in a number of independent projects throughout 2011 starting with unorthodox role of a mentally unstable and deranged social outcast in K.M. Jamison’s INHUMANE, a short film that will be filmed and produced by Black Eye Entertainment. If you would like additional information about Marv’s career and numerous projects feel free to visit his IMDB page or the official facebook page for Muscle Wolf Productions at