INHUMANE Special Effects Artist | Jim Bett Jr.

Jim Bett, Jr. is an independent producer and practical special effects artist from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Jim has been a rabid horror fan as long as he can remember. As a special effects makeup designer, Jim has worked on many independent film projects in the Chicago-Milwaukee markets such as Peek A Boo, Serial: Amoral Uprising and The Spade County Massacre. He has also provided special effects makeup and co-directed music videos for such acts as 2-West and R.A. the Rugged Man.

Currently positioned as the lead producer and vice president of Black Eye Entertainment, a Midwest based video production powerhouse located in Central Illinois, Jim can be found regularly at the largest horror conventions around the country as he is personal friends with many of today’s horror celebrities. When working as a producer for Into the Pit: The Shocking Story of, Jim was responsible for filming interviews by a handful of established celebrities such as Uwe Boll, Tiffany Shepis, P.J. Soles, Lloyd Kaufman, John Landis and Kane Hodder. It was just recently announced that Jim’s special effects will be featured in the upcoming production of INHUMANE, a short film written by K.M. Jamison that will be produced by Black Eye Entertainment.


Shoulder Blade Gash Application – Actress | Deneen Melody

Post Facial Damage Application, Broken Nose Bridge – Actress | Jennifer Le


Post Facial Damage Application, Broken Nose Bridge (V.2) – Actress | Jennifer Le


Facial Damage, Torn Flesh, Swollen Eye, Bruising – Actress | Chelsea Jolly